Kenneth Chau & Co.

Company Secretarial

Every Hong Kong Limited Company must have a Company Secretary that must be

  • A natural person aged 18 or above, ordinarily resides in Hong Kong; or
  • A body corporate, have its registered office in Hong Kong.

Scope of our Company Secretarial Services:

  • Prepare and file annual return to Companies Registry
  • Advice on company secretarial matters
  • Annual company maintenance services
  • Provision of company registered office
  • Acting as company secretary
  • Prepare and keep statutory records for the client
  • Arrange and/ or attend company meeting and prepare minutes for the meeting
  • Prepare and file document for change of company registered address
  • Prepare and file document for change of director
  • Transfer of shares
  • Increasing share capital
  • Allotment of shares
  • Assisting in HK bank opening
  • Renew and update Company Article

In order to provide high quality services and keep updating the Hong Kong Government in accordance with Hong Kong laws and regulations, client are required to:

  • Inform the Company Secretary immediately if any changes of company particular(s) and/or personal information (e.g. passport & address info);
  • Inform the Company Secretary when the company starts to commence the business and/or hire staff in Hong Kong; and
  • Timely respond to our emails/notifications.